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back from newfoundland
executive summary: spent 3 fabulous weeks in newfoundland
...and all you get is some pictures, as i'm currently too lazy to add text... (note that not all of those pics, even when not mentioned are for sure by me!)
cats in st. johns
houses in st. johns
even more seagulls
gros morne
still in gros morne national park
and we also saw whales (for sure by julia!)
tranquility 2 (for sure by julia!)
feeling like rocky (for sure by julia!)
another fence (for sure by julia!)
deep blue sea (for sure by julia!)
shallow blue water
calling for titanic
bright morning light
life saver
jumping humpback
tranquility 3
cool guy
st. johns harbor view
a graveyard in st. johns
there were even pets on this cemetary
29.8.07 15:43

small, furry animals?
executive summary: hochgolling with kerstin, peter and daniel
after some more or less time and patience-demanding preparations kerstin, peter and me finally decided to do the tour to the hochgolling last weekend. and now here are the pics:

flying fish
eating bee(like animal)

david and goliath
chained goats
frozen lizard
quite a lot of horses in different sizes
the hochgollinghütte complete with waterfall
freezing at the summit
5.7.07 12:02

(first?) amendment to just some pictures, too lazy for writing more...
executive summary: still too lazy
just received the pics of bettina (this will probably be the second amendment...) and gwen, and didn't spare no effort to upload them:

bettina and gwen in the sun (c) by gwen

it's me, a caffe latte a table and a door (c) by gwen
25.6.07 10:13

executive summary: live at the lifeball 2007
thanks to my dearest sister i got the once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit the world-famous lifeball last friday, and at the beginning i was really amazed to see all those freaky people. after a few hours this feeling completetely changed and i felt just disgusted by all the dirt and drunk people... anyways, it was a really, really nice farewell-party for my sister (thanks to all those helping hands, organisators, vips and guests who made it such a success

just a few impressions:
outside during the fashion show
nina hagen, just to show a pic of some vip...
2 more vips
gary glitter
did i mention, that those people now how to change their outfits?
pirate of the caribbean

beautiful girls
28.5.07 23:47

executive summary: just some pictures, too lazy for writing more...
i shot the first two pics whilst waiting for my train from nürnberg to vienna after a fabulous weekend at bettinas place in germany. more to come on this topic (hopefully!) soon!
don't stop.
A.A. waiting for the train
nice leaves
26.5.07 19:35

just for the fun of it...
executive summary: my sister made some pictures...
reveived a few pics my sister made yesterday - and just had the time to resize them and put them online we were climbing a few days ago at the donaukanal in vienna, and this is how it looks like there:
seconds before falling
stable underground, blurry picture
26.4.07 10:13

just too busy...
executive summary: no time for nothin'
just came back from a 3 day biketrip vom vienna to budapest, and as i will leave for a long weekend of climbing in germany tomorrow, i just give you a short link to my dad's review of the trip: Biketour to Budapest
25.4.07 10:47

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