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blame it on the weatherman
executive summary: after weeks of lousy weather summer finally arrived in vienna
again a big sorry for not writing in ages. had quite a lot to do lately (eg, swingin' in my hammock, reading books whilst suntanning in prater, watching football while drinking beer in the sun, ...), and therefore i was just too lazy to blog.
anyway, here it is, brand new and shiny: the latest entry in my blog. actually, it's no big news, just a sign of life. seems like my daily business really consisted of just doing nothing, spent quite some time in the nearby prater, and when i wasn't there, i was at Strandbar Herrmann watching the worldcup or went working. but yesterday i went climbing again with martina, and it was a really good day. we decided to go the Joe Stickler Gedächtnisweg 7-/7 and did as much as 7 pitches, but had to interrupt and abseil down because of an upcoming thunderstorm. anyway it was quite fun, even though we didn't come to the really tricky parts of the route. the best of all was going down the "geröllrinne" which was like 400m long and then go to the close river and cool down the burning feet
the famous "geröllrinne"
the infamous climber

martina in one of the last pitches we did
17.6.06 10:22

bbq and climbing
executive summary: summer's still here
had quite a nice weekend with a bbq at kathis terrace on sat, followed by getting up really early on sunday for a daytrip to wachau for some climbing with dad. bbq'ing is indeed one of the nicest things to do in summer, so i do hope that there're more opportunities coming up!
climbing was also nice, even though the day didn't start as expected. left vienna in bright sunshine and arrived in krems at heavy rainfall. but after a short hike weather got better and it was even possible to climb at the "däumling". have to say that the distance between some bolts there was quite long - about 5m sometimes...
anyway, here's one piece of art i just received from andi which has a high impact on all those people currently living in tyrol and bavaria:
JJ1 strikes again
19.6.06 14:13

on perfect weekends, sore fingers and demanded entries
executive summary: urged to write something
was too relaxed lately to write something in here. thanks to andi and his wonderful parents i spent a really, really nice weekend one week ago. we decided spontaneously to go to andi's parents place for some swimming in the pool and having a nice bbq, and ended up one day later still enjoying freshly made apfelstrudel and bbq while sun-tanning and relaxing in the pool (btw, 28° C water temp!).
after such perfect two days my body was craving for some climbing and so i went to the flakturm several times as well as going to the jammerwandl once again. climbing there is... hmm. let's put it this way: make sure to bring shitloads of chalk. but hey, i climbed "tante emma" 7 in the sunset, which was indeed a nice experience!
hope this doesn't interfere too much with the "konversationsmaxime of grice" (thanks to lisi for this fascinating new (at least to me) theory and blame all this shit in this entry on her. going to bed now, as i wanted to go climbing or hiking tomorrow. perfectly relaxed
missing geckos
unknown climber in wachau
30.6.06 23:20