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executive summary: Hochschwab in summer isn't a bummer
sorry for this really lame ryhme, but couldn't resist. however, this isn't what i wanted to write about anyway
decided with martina to do a kind of alpine style route on hochschwab last weekend (weather permitting) and so we drove to seewiesen (hope this is right, can't remember in detail...) on sat to hike to the voisthalerhütte. we brought a lot of climbing gear as well as some food, water and stuff and therefor our packs where quite heavy. but being that happy to have sun, mountains and a perspective to climb the next day we made it in about 2h. after arriving and storing our packs we wanted to hike a little bit but it soon started raining and so we walked back to the mountain shelter and had lunch/dinner first. fortunately it stopped raining quite soon and so we went on and had a first look on the impressive hochschwab südwand. standing on a snowfield staring at this enourmous wall was quite a feeling, whoah! got really a feeling that our task for the next day wouldn't be the easiest one, but there was also that much anticipation and childish joy that we went back in good mood and hope for good weather. went to bed (which was in fact only a bunch of mattresses in a dorm) early then and waking up on sunday was really pure pleasure: perfectly blue sky, sun and no clouds at all! after hiking for like 2h to the entry point of our route we decided to wait for another 30min because it still looked wet but after a while we got all antsy and started gearing up and grabbed some crag. the first pitches of Lufthammer 6- were nice and not too hard to climb, but it got all different shortly actually difficulty decreased but the same did the amount of bolts in the wall as well as the quality of the rock. the sixth pitch really was a hell of 30m loose rock and just a single sling in the middle which we couldn't find at first sight... anyway, after a missed try of martina i had the pleasure to lead this pitch and succeeded at last, but really had to work up all my courage to do it... moreover, we heard some thunder nearby (even though the sky was still blue) and knew we had to be fast to make it to the top all dry. this was the point when martina really was outgrowing herself and climbed like hell - even after experiencing her first fall while lead climbing. it was a real pleasure to see her rushing up the wall, maybe the fear of a near thunderstorm at 2000m is all one needs to be an elite climber
after like 5h of steadily climbing we made it to the top and spontaneously hugged each other because we were so happy having made it weather also got better at this time and so we decided to get down to our base camp () as soon as possible. while walking down we were also lucky enough to see some groundhogs, chamoises and a party of ibexes (ok, had to look up those last two animals ) and being so cheerful we almost ran down in 1h. after eating lunch again we went on to get to our car (1,5h) and drive back to vienna.
ok, enough text for this one, hope this is also sufficient news for you, lisi
the impressive hochschwab südwand
about the route we climbed
self-portrait of me being happy
just some rocks
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some get their kicks from champagne...
executive summary: climbing in salzburg
went to salzburg with martina, werner and elisa last weekend to do some climbing near the werfener hütte . as the driving was a little bit longer this time, we started on friday and went all the way to Werfenweng, where we spent a really relaxed evening at the mahdegg-alm (which is a really nice spot: good food, cheap, easily reachable and a good starting point for some hiking in beautiful surroundings! and: the host is one of the nicest i ever had the pleasure to meet!). after a king-size breakfast (which, after a while, really caused some trouble for me, as it was just too much for going on a 2h-hike afterwards) we started to walk up to the werfener hütte, and nice as we are , we also carried some drinking water from the nearby well (now i know that 5kg in a plastic box weigh 50 after some tiem of walking a steep path!) as there's no drinking water up there. weather was ok, but no bright sunshine, and so i got quite chilly being all sweaty from the hike... anyway, after we packed our gear and stuff we went on the our real destination, which was like 15min away from the shelter: the climbing route fun in the sun 6 . the route started in a small crack between the rock and some snow on a wonderful plate and goes on with some nice climbing (not too steep, enough bolts, nice crag...). we made good efforts and best of all: the sun came through the clouds and fog and made the rock look a little bit nicer having climbed 10 pitches werner and me sat down to wait for the girls (hej, sitting almost buttnaked on the top of a mountain is definitely an experience to enjoy ) but they had some trouble to find their way and so we went on for some more 230m of climbing. start of the second route was quite breathtaking as i needed to lead-climb a traverse which was secured with a fixed rope. wow. just hanging on one hand with quite some air below the feet and clipping a quickdraw is not what i'd like to do everyday anyway, the last pitches weren't as nice bolted as the first ones, and so it got a little bit tricky to relax while climbing and i was quite happy when i reached the top of the "grosses fieberhorn 2278". unfortunately there was no cross nor anything else on top of the mountain, but that didn't spoil the good feeling... after some REALLY good chocolate bars we hiked down again and enjoyed nice kartoffelgröstl and beer. the next day was even nicer (sun, sun, sun!), but we decided not to go climbing in favour of some hiking and driving back to vienna.
the last weekend was the complete opposite of climbing: again only sunbathing, eating and playing cards at andis parents place. did i already mention, that i do LOVE hammocks? there's not much better than reading a good book in a hammock in the shade of some trees. moreover, lucky as we are, there's also a nice party in the nearby fields. white spleasures ((C) by isabelle some years ago) and drunk kids wherever you look!
... and some get their kicks out of scenery
standing on top of the world

i love the way my cam interpretes colors at night ... some get their kicks out of "landespflügen"
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