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executive summary: work, bbq and climbing
still busy at work (as you can see at looking in my weblog), but there's hope andi's coming back from his holidays tomorrow, alex (the other one) is supposed to be back as well on monday and some other people are also working again this means: me is looking forward to working tomorrow
however, spent thursday evening/night at andi's place in breiteneich, where i was invited for some bbq enjoyed a wonderful dinner, and had a few "wieselburger spezial" (this beer is INDEED a really good one!). except for eating way too much it was a perfectly nice evening. coming back on friday morning to vienna, i started (again) a mission: how to find a suitable waterproof jacket for me. fuzi joined me, but this didn't help at all but made my efforts a little bit nicer... could you believe that it's more or less impossible to find a goretex-jacket for under 300€????? it just sucks.
but as weather was nice again (hey, i was already thinking of ordering glühwein the other day!), i went to admont with elisa and we did a really nice route up the kalbling: the kalbling südgrat. perfect weather and superb climbing made it a wonderful day, and after climbing for like 4.5 hours (we really enjoyed sun and stuff ), we took the chance for some sunbathing at 2000m and, guess what: i got really tanned again! yeah baby, i love sun!
some details on the route: really easy climbing, not too much lot bolts, but they aren't needed anyway. it's really important to have a good eye and some luck to find the way up, but except for that it's a good climb for almost everybody!
admonter kalbling with the südgrat in front
3.9.06 14:18

executive summary: blubb
spent too much time for stupid things and couldn't find a minute or two to write an update, even though many nice things happened...
first of all i went hiking with dad 3 weeks ago to the all famous xeis. we spent a almost perfect weekend on the hesshütte (don't forget to bring lots of ohropax!!!!) and climbed to quite some peaks (hochtor 2370m, zinödl 2191m, roßkuppe 2153m). hope to get the pics of this trip tomorrow...
the next weekend i took the train to nuremberg in order to spend a long weekend together with bettina, gwen and nikolai in forchheim. the plan was to climb a lot in the nearby and really famous fränkische schweiz / frankenjura area, and i must say that we suceeded really well! climbing there is really good, even though some of the first bolts are quite high (more than 6m) and so it was a good training not only for my climbing skills but also for my mental strength among the routes we did were also 2 uiaa-7s (like natural fear 7-, zittern verboten 7), and i think, they were the first ones i ever led on rock.
our host climbing
one of the best bolted routes at the hexenturm: natural fear 7-
25.9.06 20:44

executive summary: finally the pics...
... of my "tour de gesäuse" with dad several weeks ago. not as nice as expected (sometimes overexposed, not sharp enough, ...) but there're still some viewable among them...
first day at the Wasserfallweg
view on the way to the Planspitze 2117m
evening-view to the Hochtor 2369m and the Planspitze at the right side
VERY early morning view with moon the the Hochtor
more or less the same view some minutes later
finally dad with hochtor in background on top of the planspitze
28.9.06 16:34