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on losing teeth
executive summary: no climbing today
this entry is devoted to a completely different topic than all the others. it's on pain, painkillers, blood and a soring back.
but from the beginning: had to have 2 of my beloved wisdom teeth removed and after trying to have it done last spring (without result actually, as my doc told me then it was to warm outside and therefore my cheek would have been too swollen), last friday was the day it happened. went there at 9, came back at 10.30 and between was not even a little bit of pain. the only thing that hurt at all was the comment of my doc when he finished: "this one was a little bit hard, it's quite big. see you on monday." ok, changed my clothes to something more comfy and went to bed. unfortunately the injection started to wear off at this time and so my really lovely friday began. somehow i managed to take a painkiller and fell asleep, but it didn't get better at all. anyway, don't want to moan all time, after spilling some blood in my pillows, eating like nothing and not even brushing my remaining teeth for 2 days it's better now. but my back is still a little bit ... hm. let's put it that way: i don't want ot lay around anymore for like a week so... hope that my trip to my dentist doesn't get too painful now
anyway, also wanted to say thank you for all the nice birthday wishes to all of you who didn't forget and to those who forgot - hey, don't mind at all, it's not that important and because i don't have any climbing nor mountain pictures at all, i need to post one of the most beautiful and lovely girl i've seen lately...

fuzi, his daughter, the hairdresser and me

16.10.06 08:41