beijing / 北京

winter season is approaching
executive summary: blubb (yeah, that's all folks.)
have been too lazy to write sth in here, as nothing worth writing about was happening. actually, nothing worth writing about IS happening, but anyway... vienna has seen the first snowflakes lately, (even though it's quite warm now for mid nov), i'm exercising at the indoor climbing gym by now (but am thinking of trying it for at least one more time in the wachau), and work's keeping me busy. beim twister-spielen
10.11.06 17:35

on music, not being able to walk and taking pictures
executive summary: kaizers orchestra coming up again
let's get ready to hear some noize! kaizers orchestra is doing vienna for the third time tonight, and i'll be part of the crowd (even though i can hardly walk [not yet because of excessive drinking] due to a fierce injury on my right ankle which decided to turn worse)
anyway, am really looking forward to this gig as the last one was so special...
and, the next big news: i am the proud owner of a brand new canon eos 30d since yesterday spent almost everything of my christmas bonus on this new toy, but am really happy with it (not counting the many hours coming to the decision to really buy it...) now. so expect some more pictures in the near future, when i get time to take some pictures with it.
did you know that it's not too easy to take a pic of his own ankle?
25.11.06 19:16