beijing / 北京

just pics, too lazy now to add text...

1.12.06 09:57

executive summary: climbing the naglplatten
who said that climbing (in eastern austria) and december doesn't match? just came home from a nearly perfect day at the naglplatten at the hohe wand and desperately need to say: real rocks rock (and so do I: Anwandler 6+ onsight, Schackltour 7- onsight, Puppisteig 7- only with a short rest due to water pouring down the crag)!

fog in vienna? no, it's sun at the hohe wand
really nice rocks
2.12.06 20:09

oops, i did it again...
executive summary: what an incredible december
seems like snow's delayed this year, and therefor outdoor climbing is extended gregor and me took really a lot of winter clothes and brought it all to hohe wand last friday, just to realize that it wasn't necessary at all. due to direct sunshine above all clouds it was possible to climb without wearing a t-shirt!!!! remember: it's 8 days to christmas, we are still in vienna, austria, region and we went climbing WITHOUT freezing and i even got a little bit tanned.
a day in the sun
pretty blurry sundowner at hohe wand
16.12.06 19:18