beijing / 北京

executive summary: just some pictures, too lazy for writing more...
i shot the first two pics whilst waiting for my train from nürnberg to vienna after a fabulous weekend at bettinas place in germany. more to come on this topic (hopefully!) soon!
don't stop.
A.A. waiting for the train
nice leaves
26.5.07 19:35

executive summary: live at the lifeball 2007
thanks to my dearest sister i got the once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit the world-famous lifeball last friday, and at the beginning i was really amazed to see all those freaky people. after a few hours this feeling completetely changed and i felt just disgusted by all the dirt and drunk people... anyways, it was a really, really nice farewell-party for my sister (thanks to all those helping hands, organisators, vips and guests who made it such a success

just a few impressions:
outside during the fashion show
nina hagen, just to show a pic of some vip...
2 more vips
gary glitter
did i mention, that those people now how to change their outfits?
pirate of the caribbean

beautiful girls
28.5.07 23:47